Hello, I am Pam Fricker.


My Counselling career started in 1996, at which time I was working with clients with Dementia. I then went on to work at a hospice with patients who had terminal illnesses where I also counselled bereaved families who had lost loved ones.

While counselling for other agencies I also trained as a mental health nurse. This was in order to understand the nature of mental health difficulties and to learn how to help these clients. I have recently left nursing to continue my counselling work in private practice.

I became interested in this work after having counselling myself for bereavement. This is when I first understood that if losses have not been dealt with, there can come a time when life is difficult to manage. For me, this presented as a physical issue that I hadn’t related to loss. Once dealing with my issues within counselling, this led to a life change for me.

The reward of this work is seeing people begin to heal, while helping them to find a way through their grief and loss. It is not about giving people the answers, but guiding them to discover the answers for themselves. If you are struggling to cope with a feeling of grief or loss, whatever the cause, please feel free to contact me.

BSc Health Studies University of Plymouth
2008 Diploma in Supervision Iron Mill Exeter
1997 Diploma in Professional Counselling

“There is no growth without pain and conflict and no loss that cannot lead to gain”

Lily Pinctus 1961